Work It Out: Find Your Focus with CBD

Cannabidiol derived from hemp is not exactly the new-new when it comes to plant-based wellness, but it is experiencing a modern renaissance as the go-to for winding down from environmental stresses without the high that comes from THC.

Cannabis-Friendly Workplaces

At work, company leadership and human resources are deconstructing the open office floorplan. These days there are dedicated areas for heads-down work, nursing rooms for mothers, and even meditation rooms for a quick reprieve. People are prioritizing places to wind down to avoid the burn out and work is trying to be a safer mental space. Co-working places like The Commune in Portland offer that balance of “Get Shit Done” but with a community of entrepreneurs that are Cannabis-friendly and promote personal use.

After all, we expect the other person to wash their hands after using the bathroom. Why not enter an unspoken social contract to keep your lid on and take your chill pills or CBD oil?

Source of Fogginess and Lack of Focus is Anxiety

Going back to your Endocannabinoid System, leaving your receptors open to receive stress, fatigue, anxiety, and pain can really slow you down. When you dose, CBD ups your inner happy (serotonin levels) and gently decreases anxiety. Less unnecessary stress and more energy so you can up your productivity. Confidently take on another meeting, focus at an extra workout, or Netflix and really chill.

Dosing At Your Desk

Imposter syndrome, insecurity, politicking, and crushing deadlines often consume too many moments. To start setting that balance, consider the 30 seconds it takes to dose. Or the 20 minutes that pass as your vibe recharges. Dosing at your desk allows you to calm down the stress of deadlines, pressure to perform, and challenging interpersonal situations so you can focus on crushing your to-do list like a pro.

As we begin to understand and accept modern Cannabis, can we expect to see office medicine cabinets stocked with tinctures and capsules? 

Our top picks for discreet or social dosing at your desk:

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