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About the Product

Wildflower Relief tincture is formulated with full spectrum hemp with coconut oil as a carrier, Orange Mint flavor and milk thistle extract. Wildflower tinctures allow you to efficiently address inflammation, joint and muscle pain, anxiety, fogginess while building immunity.


A fully engaged dropper contains 33 mg of CBD, the full bottle content is 1000 mg. To start, shake your bottle and try 1-2 droplets every 2-3 hours and work your way up based on how you feel. Be sure to apply the tincture under the tongue, sublingually, for 30 seconds and then swallow. 


This vegan, alcohol-free, non-GMO CBD product contains less than .03% THC.

  • Wildflower products are manufactured in Bellingham, WA
  • Third-party testing occurs in an ISO 17025 facility before and after extraction, and in batches to ensure the highest available concentration and cleanest form of CBD

The Revibalist is in

Not sure if you want the 500 mg concentration or the 1000 mg concentration? The high concentration delivers results faster, but can also last you longer while you're building up CBD tolerance. You could take 1-2 droplet of Relief versus 2-3 droplets of Wellness stretching your bottle when you use less product per instance. Keep in mind you may level off after a month or two and will only administer CBD to maintain your chill vibes in the Endocannabinoid System.

Revibalist only sells Cannabinoid (CBD) products containing less than 0.3% THC. Revibalist does not sell or distribute CBD products in ways that violate United States Law or the Controlled Substance Act.